About Brighter Futures Project:

The largest, FREE psychology and psychoeducation summit in Cyprus exclusively for Educators, with internationally aclaimed professors, psychologists and educators from the UK, Greece and Cyprus.

The Brighter Futures Project is an initiative by the BeChild program. Through the Brighter Futures Project we aim to equip educators (Nursery, Primary and Secondary education) with the right tools to help build brighter futures for our children. An attempt to holistically approach the wellbeing of our children and make change for future generations.

Our childhood and experiences as children is what defines our success in adulthood. Through the brighter futures project we offer free workshops focusing on the most influential of all people we come across during our childhood, OUR TEACHERS. The people with whom we form the very first attachments outside our immediate family and the people responsible to pass on knowledge, love and respect.

The Brighter futures project aims to equip teachers / educators with the tools necessary to help children grow with the outmost respect, self confidence and self esteem. At the same time through the Brighter futures Project we support the work of the Dr Yiota Demetriou – The dancing queen foundation and the Children with Liver conditions foundation by offering all proceeds of the day in support of the foundations and their work.

Brighter Futures Project
7 Speakers
5 Workshops

Supported by:

The dancing queen foundation, The Children with live conditions foundation

The schedule

Below you can find an outline of the workshops that are going to be held on the day.

Our speakers

Dr Artemis Giotsa

Dr Artemis Giotsa

Ph.D., Systemic Psychotherapist, Associate Professor in Social Psychology University of Ioannina

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Jeni Goodfellow

Jeni Goodfellow - Pemsel

Drama Therapist, Psychotherapist / University Of Nottingham Lecturer

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Evangelia Demetriou

Evangelia Demetriou

Psychologist / Counsellor Children And Young People, Researcher University Of Nottingham

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Dr Andreas Zergiotis

Dr. Andreas Zergiotis

Lecturer in Educational Pyschology at University of Athens / Researcher University of Connecticut (USA) / Coordinator of School counsellor program in East Attica.

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Maria Loukaidou

Maria Loukaidou

Director of B Trachoniou School, Limassol - Ministry of Education

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Event Gallery

A child’s most delicate years are affected by our early interactions and attachments with our teachers.

During the workshop, educators will be able to acquire tools that are going to be used on their daily interaction with children in a school setting. Learning to recognize difficulties and intervene is of vital importance to the healthy growth of our children.

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  • Why should I attend this event?

    The event is a unique opportunity to get a valuable insight into children’s psychology and well-being. Taught by instructors and published researchers of global reach from TOP UK and GREEK universities, attendees will get the opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops that are going to enrich the portfolio and education toolbox.

  • Who can attend the event?

    The event is exclusive to professionals in the education industry. Educators (Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary teachers) of all levels should attend the event. Due to the limited spaces we will take bookings on a first come first served basis.

  • What is the cost for attending the event?

    The event is completely FREE to attend for all level of educators (Nursery, Primary and Secondary education teachers). In an attempt to give back to the community all attendees will need to donate 2, 5 or 10 euros upon arrival on the day to the two foundations that have been chosen by the team. The two foundations are Dr Yiota Demetriou – The Dancing Queen foundation and The Children with liver conditions foundation (more info for which you can find on the links below). Both of which help vulnerable children in Cyprus.

  • How can I register for the event?

    Registration is simple. Register using the form below. Your registration is not confirmed until you have received an email confirming your seat at the workshop by a member of our team. Due to the limited spaces we will take bookings on a first come first served basis.


We could talk for hours about the success and benefits of the program. It is your opinion that is of most importance to us.

Contact Us

  • Metropolitan Church of Limassol Event venue
    45 Ellados str, 3304, Limassol
  • (+357) 25 340 777
  • info@bechildworkshops.com

Supported by

As part of giving back to the community the attendees will have to make a donation during the day, the profits of which will be divided to two (2) foundations that work with children offering significant help to those who need it more:

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